I’m blessed with an incredible wife, 4 kids, and a firm testimony in Christ’s plan of happiness. I love what America stands for and I’m driven to help restore it to its founding principles. I’m grateful for visionary mentors and an incredible team of leaders around me, dedicated to helping families achieve spiritual, political, and financial freedom. I enjoy studying personal improvement, leadership development, free market economics, and success stories.

One of my greatest blessings has been that I get to personally mentor with #1 best selling author and business guru, Chris Brady, and get to wake up every day knowing that we are truly changing lives and effecting our culture.

Our country is sliding away form being the beacon of hope and freedom for the world and into an economic and moral depression. Our education system has been corrupted into an indoctrination system. We have decided to stand in the gap by Launching a Leadership Revolution and helping people truly live LIFE (Living Intentionally For Excellence) by winning the Media War!

I am anxiously engaged in developing myself and thousands of other hungry students in the areas of Faith, Family, Freedom, Following, Finances, Fitness, Friends, and Fun. Don’t waist your life wallowing in mediocrity. God will judge us on more than what we did wrong, He will ask us what we did with the talents He gave us and I am determined to have a good answer.

Be Encouraged,

Rob Robson

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